Shag Is The Word

In a count of active swing dancers I would say Collegiate Shag would probably come a very poor 4th place behind Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Jive. Its status is almost underground. In the UK its very name must be spoken in hushed tones for fear of causing offence in polite company.

Over the past few weeks I’ve started to try and raise its UK profile through this blog, facebook groups, twitter, and direct emails to event organisers. But it seemed even technology was against me. Every email I sent out ended up in the recipients Junk mail folder. No matter how I spelt it Collegiate Shag or Sh@g, or $hag, or $h@g, eventually mutating to an unreadable $4@g; emails simply did not get seen. I thought the SPAM filters out there had gone into overdrive.

But how did, bird watchers, hairdressers, tobacconists, film critics, rug manufactures, 70’s pop gurus and others discuss Shag related topics with other like minded people?

I did a little digging and it now seems it’s not the Shag word that’s causing the problem, it’s my email address. Free email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and in my case GMX, are apparently renound for being singled out for special treatment by SPAM filters.

Armed with this knowledge I now plan to reinitiate my email campaign of Collegiate Shag propaganda with a new (not free) email address.

Hmmm! “Email campaign”, isn’t that a polite way of saying SPAM?


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2 Responses to Shag Is The Word

  1. Ha!

    It happened to me too and I was actually using my @swingdynamite account. LOL

  2. Also, I do agree with you. “Email campaign” does sound like spam. However, if people do sign up to receive email updates, then it is not spam.

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