2013: The Year of Social Shag

“You’re out, you’re out”.
Anyone who has danced Collegiate Shag has surely heard this; and whilst more experienced dancers can learn techniques to hide, and quickly recover from the cheese grater or “Urout” moments; it can all to soon disincentivise beginners.

To counteract the “Urout”, couples who have become comfortable dancing Shag together, tend to dance soley together, to the exclusion of others. I can understand this exclusivity, having been guilty of it myself. Once you have felt the euphoria of Shagging an entire dance without a Urout, you want to do it again and again. In that sense, an end to end Shag is a little like crack cocaine – somewhat more-ish. No wonder once we have acomplished that basic skill, we are reluctant to break the partnership that has given us that wonderfull Shag high.

So we can all avoid Urouts by dancing with our regular partners, but to take Collegiate Shag to the next level, and make it a regular sight on our dance floors, we have to go backwards to go forwards.

That is why I have declared 2013 the year of Social Shag. Find the Shagster in your midst, someone you have never danced with; embrace the Urouts, develop the techniques to circumnavigate them; and break down the boundaries of our Shag communities.

Go ask someone else to Shag, you know you want to.


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