The Shag Evangelist

So at the end of the first quarter of this self-declared year of Social Shag I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with members of up to 6 different dance communities, London, East and West Midlands, Bristol, Gloucestershire, and my own. Collegiate Shag here in the UK is very insular in that people tend to dance Shag within their own communities and rarely outside, but this needs to change. Each community has its own slightly different style as you’d expect as well as they’re own level of confidence. But each community has one thing in common; they each have a recognisable Shag evangelist; someone who dances and inspires others to Shag at every opportunity.  I could name names but you know who you are. If you are as passionate about Shag as I think you are, the next time you venture further afield, seek out the local Shagster and see what they can do. You never know you might like it.


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