A Shag Utopia

I sometimes wonder if I’m doing more to hinder social shag rather than promote it. I mean, yes I dance Shag with Sharon at every opportunity;  I also dance Shag with people from other dance communities as much as I can, so I do my bit in the moment. However my on-line presence, and in particular my postings of dance clips in Collegiate Shag UK, does nothing really to display what social Shag actually looks like. The majority of on-line videos tend to be of competitions, well-rehearsed routines, people at the top of their game, typically world class dancers.

So I ask myself the question; am I promoting a Shag utopia? Will the average social Shagster always think of themselves at beginner or improver level in comparison to the superb displays we all love watching on-line  There are not enough of us on the dance floors (yet) to compare ourselves against each other in the same way we could with Balboa or Lindy, so where are we at with social Shag? Are we sure we know what good social Shag looks like?


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  1. Interesting questions.

    This is a never ending debate. Every scene has people who doesn’t like comps and feel they threaten the social aspect of the dance. And there there are those who are crazy about competing and think comps bring the level of dancing up (I’m in this group).

    I think having available videos is a good thing. It gives us something to strive for. Something to practice at home or with our partners. I find it is inspiring. Also, as you mention, there aren’t enough Shag dancers around so having as many videos available as possible is a good thing, in my opinion.

    I also means that it is up to us to generate more videos of social Shag so others can get a better idea of what it is! 🙂

    Long live Shag!

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