Our Lessons

Sadly Sharon has retired from teaching, however Dai is still looking for opportunities to get the world Shaggin’ and is available for privates, and group workshops. Feel free to get in touch.

Dai specialises in social Shag which means he recognises the importance of frame, connection and lead and follow techniques to enable a successful shag dance on the social dance floor. It is not the same as Lindy Hop despite what others may say. If those Shag moves you’ve learned at your lessons or workshops are not working for you on the social dance floor  then there is no better person to help fix those niggles.

The dance is sometimes called the Fleahop, or the Sugarfoot, but it’s also more popularly called the Collegiate Shag.  As you can imagine advertising dance lessons with this name comes with its own problems. Shag was a term used in early 20th century America to identify any dance that wasn’t strictly ballroom. So to distinguish it from other non-ballroom Shag dances the “Collegiate” label was added, as it was popular with the American college kids at the time.

Originally danced with a partner to fast swing or hot jazz music it can also be danced to rockabilly or even Ska.  It’s an extremely fun dance to do, and also a novel way to keep fit, socialise, and learn new partner dance skills.

Here is a great video montage featuring modern day, and vintage Shag dancers put together by our friends the San Francisco Jitterbugs.

You don’t need to have any previous dance experience as we’ll start at level zero. Trust us, it’s easier than it looks and a great way to impress your friends. We’ll start with the basics and slowly work with you to get you dancing in no time.  You don’t need to pre-register, just turn up; and you don’t need to bring a partner but if you do then the more the merrier. (Ladies you might like to read this.)

Any type of swing dancing can be strenuous exercise so we’d recommend you wear loose clothing as you would with any exercise and also flat shoes with little or no grip. Trainers have too much grip due to their rubber soles. Also bring along some water, dancing can be thirsty work. We’ll take it easy with you we promise, but we’re sure you’ll want to do more and more.

We aim to keep the lessons fun so remember there is no exam and we all started with 2 left feet. If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact us here.

Look forward to seeing you soon
Dai & Sharon

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 The Serious Bit

As with all Swing Dancing, Collegiate Shag can be strenuous, aerobic exercise, so if you have any doubt about your health or fitness, or are aware of any pre-existing medical conditions, you should contact your GP before engaging in these activities. It’s your responsibility to make sure you are fit and well prior to attending our lessons. Our full terms & conditions can be found here.


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