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A Shag Utopia

I sometimes wonder if I’m doing more to hinder social shag rather than promote it. I mean, yes I dance Shag with Sharon at every opportunity;  I also dance Shag with people from other dance communities as much as I … Continue reading

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The Shag Evangelist

So at the end of the first quarter of this self-declared year of Social Shag I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with members of up to 6 different dance communities, London, East and West Midlands, Bristol, Gloucestershire, and my own. … Continue reading

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2013: The Year of Social Shag

“You’re out, you’re out”. Anyone who has danced Collegiate Shag has surely heard this; and whilst more experienced dancers can learn techniques to hide, and quickly recover from the cheese grater or “Urout” moments; it can all to soon disincentivise … Continue reading

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Say Cheese

When  you’re next at a dance, take a look around the dance floor and check out the people who are smiling as they dance.  To me it’s obvious why they are smiling. They’re sharing a moment with their dance partner, … Continue reading

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New lessons from Collegiate Class

Our Collegiate Shag Summer Skool has been very popular; so popular in fact that we added an extra week. As we come to the end of the Summer our undergraduates are already kickin’ up a dance floor, Collegiate style, near … Continue reading

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What More Could You Want?

So I’ve been a little lazy on updating this site but things have been really busy lately, what with Shag weekenders and developing a new format of lesson using new technology. More on the new format lessons in a future … Continue reading

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Awakening Collegiate Shag

Tony Fraser is a dancer and instructor from New York.  He is a major proponent of single time shag (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry I’ll explain in a later post). Here is Tony and Jamie Shannon … Continue reading

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History of Shag

Peter Logins  Blog “The Jassdancer” has an excellent history of Collegiate Shag, and is recommended reading for anyone interested in learning more about jazz music and dance history.

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